A downloadable mod

A Custom Throne modpack that will spook your socks off!

Includes content created by members of the Nuclear Throne modding community, so give it a go!

The pre-release versions may have missing "to-do" content, glitches, and other things.


  • Install Custom Throne
  • In the CT launcher, enable Early Access mode
  • Put the "halloween" folder into the customthrone folder found in the local NT files
  • Load in the "halloween" pack with Custom Throne

My game's screen is too big!

Go to settings, find the text "Screen Size" and rest your cursor there. Slowly move to the right while rapidly clicking. If you screen becomes even bigger, hit the back button in the top left and try again.

When I hit play, the game crashed!

Start it up again, it should work the second time.

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Published143 days ago


Halloween 2016 Pre-Release (25 MB)